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May 25-26, 2019 

Where: Second Chance Ranch, St. Andrews MB​

Cost: $400/person (lunch, 2 nights board, Friday night demo all included) 

Auditors$15 per day (does not include lunch)

DEMO May 24 @ 7 pm

People are often impressed by certain equine exhibitions. What makes them special is their ability to do very basic skills to an extraordinary degree. The foundation is something you have to keep revisiting - making sure it remains intact and keeps improving. Your training goal shouldn’t be that of insulating against life but rather learning to overcome all things with your horse. Commitment to education is imperative for all of us. Through our horse experience, we learn about ourselves. We first improve ourselves if we care to provide positive leadership and security to the horse. Hence, educators should add to the experience only as people are ready. They should always adjust to what the person and the horse tell us. They should go by what they do, not necessarily by where they would like to go without sufficient preparation. 

"...If I can teach people to learn to understand how to communicate with their horses and lead them effectively we won't have such a turnover in horses and horse-owners as we see today."

This is Paul's philosophy and way of teaching in his clinics!

Contact Francine @ 204-771-5335 or    for more info or to register.

* Horses must be up to date on vaccinations and de-worming 

Be sure to check out the Paul's website (click on poster), in particular the articles page for loads of FREE training ideas and information.
When bringing a horse to the clinic, also bring a rope halter, lead rope, water bucket, any special feed, feed bucket, and your tack for riding.  Also bring your own hay.  If you don't have any, I have some grass small squares for sale for $5/bale.  Bedding is included in your board.

Please advise of any specific food requirements you may have as well.